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Create Connect Agency

Let's create.

Create Connect Agency is a multidisciplinary creative agency working with clients worldwide. Our services  include product design, photography and social media content strategy.

What We Do


Concept Design


Apparel & Accessories Design


Product Specification & Development




Cover Art


Social Media Strategy

Meet The Team

Olga Gette
Founder |  Design & Project Manager

The idea for Create Connect Agency was born out of the desire to create a space for passionate visionaries driven by ambition and efficiency, to collaborate as a collective beyond conventional working systems.

Our common goal is to come together as individuals with different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and skills to turn bold ideas into successful projects, deliver an impeccable customer experience, and help businesses develop their full potential.

Being in charge of design direction and project management, I use the variety of my expertise to collaborate across a wide range of product groups and develop collections with a strong commercial focus according to specific demographic needs.

Olga Gette | Founder |  Design & Project Manager

Rebeka Baráth
Content Creator | Social Media Expert

Social media is an indispensable element of a brand's online presence - long gone are the days when 140 characters were enough to convey brand missions. In order for businesses to thrive, they have to have a solid strategy to inform, educate and grow their customer base. As a Content Creator and Social Media Expert, I live and breathe digital content - with a keen eye for aesthetics, I strive to build a coherent storytelling line within a social media feed. Combining analytical thinking and creativity, I create strategic plans and implement them in the form of captivating content and website articles. 

Rebeka Baráth | Content Creator | Social Media Expert
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