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Connected is about exploring the perception of an image in dependance on correlation.

Connection and interdependence may be used to explain a great many systems, from the relationships among natural phenomena to groups of people and nations - in other words, the world around us. But an understanding of our deep interconnection can do far more than that. Interdependence is not a mere theory or philosophy. It impacts our lives directly every single day. 

Inside each of us is a complex constellation of perceptions, ideas, feelings, and intentions that mutually affect one another. Our inner worlds interact with outer conditions. We respond to external circumstances, but we also create them.

Everything in life happens due to various causes and conditions coming together. Everything that exists is a condition that affects others, and is affected in turn, in a vast and complex web of causality. As part of that web, we ourselves are a condition that impacts those around us. Our happiness and suffering are so closely connected to the happiness and suffering of others as to be inseparable. This means that no individual is fully self-sustaining or divisible from others. That means if we change, so do others.





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As we can see, not only is the physical realm intimately interconnected; social systems are also subject to interdependence. So is our emotional life; so is everything, material or immaterial.

Applying the view of interdependence leads us to examine the nature of the self, and it challenges how we see ourselves in relation to others. That rethinking transforms how we engage with others, emotionally and in our actions. 

To recognize the workings of interdependence in our inner as well as in the outer world, we must ask some basic questions. How would the way we relate to others change if we began to feel our interconnectedness? What human values come to the fore when we acknowledge our interdependence emotionally as well as intellectually? What would a global society that fully embraced interdependence look like? What can we ourselves do to help create that society?

Recognizing the full extent of interdependence will lead to a fundamental rethinking of who we are as human beings and deepen the awareness of our connection to each other while we are colliding.

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