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Beeing able to provide a versatile image portfolio in the fashion and beauty industry equals higher chances of getting booked. There are a few essential types of images you can include to showcase versatility and convince a casting director of beeing the right fit for the role to be filled.

Headshot sessions are all about the character you wish to portray. The wardrobe, styling, and shooting location can accentuate the character in the photo.

For fashion editorial, it is recommended to shoot multiple outfits - this way the clothes do most of the talking.

Choose a simple black or white top for close-up shots with a focus on the face - this is a popular format for beauty campaigns. A portfolio wouldn’t be complete without moody images - red light can underline a range of emotions as a color associated with passion, confidence and energy.





Personal Branding Photography


You can completely transform any of those shots with one thing: facial expressions. While the outfit will stay the same, the feeling of the photograph can change predominantly through portraying different emotions.

Facial expressions are an important channel of nonverbal communication, and depending on the demands of the particular job, these expressions can make or break the success of the campaign.

If you are shooting a commercial, the model’s facial expressions will be the criteria for the later advertising or selling. Depending on how you get the attention, show emotions through your eyes, a product can be more or less successful.

A variety of expressions will prove invaluable when you have to showcase your versatility in the industry and will strengthen your chances of landing the job you have been aspiring.

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