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Startnext is Germany's leading crowdfunding platform for supporting ideas, projects and start-up businesses.

The goal of the platform is to enable the initial part of the business financing through communities in order to create independence for the initiators and financial security through the early market test phase.

To help launch their first collection through crowd funding, the project with Holow aimed to create a set of images that best convey the message of what Holow stands for: a sustainable yoga and active wear brand designed in Germany, bringing quality, comfort and performance to your yoga practice.





Campaign Photography


The creative team behind the brand produces on demand, consciously reducing the negative impact of left over stock by using B-good materials - materials which have little mistakes from prior productions and would usually be discarded by a factory. Giving those materials a second life is a way to reuse and up-cycle before the production of the final garment begins.

Through the collective support of their yoga community, friends, friends of friends and others, the Holow team has successfully hit their target on Startnext and was able to finance their first production - a new business model that aims to cater to the market in a sustainable way.

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