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Remember those times when you got stuck in a record shop, spending hours browsing through plastic boxes full of vinyl? Looking to find a treasure that you still cherish to this day, with an iconic cover art you would recognize anywhere?

Since then, the vinyl became a symbol of the past. Passionate music lovers might still be in posession of a collection, but the majority is streaming music online. And just like that, iconic cover art is reduced to a tiny digital square. But condensing art does not mean that it is less important - on the contrary, it is even more crucial to have a distinct cover image in a digitalized world.

Streaming platforms have changed the concept of the music album immensely. In recent years, every piece of content we consume is filtered through algorithms. Playlists are generated to keep users engaged for longer periods of time and the essence of an album, as we used to experience it, is easily lost.





Photography & Artwork Development


On Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, all the tracks look the same: artist, title, album title. The only chance of distinction that artists have is that tiny square. Consequently, cover art is the missing piece that connects an individual song to the complete musical portfolio of an artist. 

Cover art not only has a huge role on streaming platforms, but also on social media, as it is the visualisation of a personal brand. It leads the way to discovering more content from the artist, and as it is the first thing that grabs the attention, it indeed continues to serve its purpose.

Cover art is an essential form of representation, turning casual listeners into followers, helping you grow your audience and expanding your network - your artwork is one of the steps that lays the foundation for your success.

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